the cook family

Instead of assuming that you are on this page because you have been following our journey from the beginning, I’m going to just pretend you stumbled upon this blog, be it from someone sharing our journey or just pure luck!

Hi 🙋🏼my name is Brandy. I have been married to my husband Joshua for 10 years now. We have an 8 year old son Wyatt who has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and more recently with ADHD. We recently just lost our son Logan, who lived a remarkable 14 days.

We originally set up a GoFundMe account to notify our friends and family of our situation. To do some fundraising for the crazy medical bills that were sure to come. And to just keep everyone informed of Logan’s journey.

As the purpose behind the GoFundMe is no longer appropriate for our situation I’ve decided to take it down. However, our journey is not over and a new platform needed to take place. Thus, the birth of my LoveForLogan blog.

My hope for this blog, is that you are able to follow our journey as we continue through this grieving process and move forward with our lives. To follow what we have learned and continue to learn from Logan’s short presence here on earth with us. And to also listen and learn what Logan has done in your life. Nothing pleases me more as a mother, than to hear how my child has touched many lives.

This blog is very open; I hide nothing. I want the good, the bad and the raw to show through. How else will you know what is behind a grieving mother, father or son? I want this blog to bridge a gap between the world of grieving families and the rest of the world.

We love everyone of you who has followed from the beginning our of journey, supported us with love and encouragement. And to those who are beginning to follow our journey, we love you too!