potentially good news

We got some potentially good news today. I met with my OBGYN here in Wichita. He let me look over the letter KC sent him and we discussed what they told us.

He said if palliative care is all we desire, that KC won’t do anything they can’t do here. He has no concerns delivering me by C-section here.

This may seem like insignificant information to you, but to us, this is kind of huge.

We initially chose to have Logan in KC because they had told us Wesley might be overwhelmed and transfer Logan to KC, separating us. And that scared me. But my OB assured me that wouldn’t be the case. And he’s setting up an appointment with the Neuro specialist here in Wichita to confirm that.

To us, this is a huge relief. It would take so many stressors off of us. For instance, if we delivered in KC, we would only see Wyatt on the weekends. I would have to move to KC a few weeks to a month prior to my due date. And Josh would have to take unpaid time off or stay in Wichita and work.

Delivering here allows us to see Wyatt daily. I can work up until my delivery. Josh wouldn’t have to take as much time off work. My Dr here will deliver me at 37 weeks and allow me to pick my delivery date. I love my Dr here. He understands where Josh and I stand on the issues we face with Logan. And all the crazy thoughts I’ve had the last several days and even months, he understands them, even though he hasn’t been in the situation.

For now, I will pray that this one thing goes in our favor. Thank you all of for your continued support and donations. We appreciate everything you all have done for us.

Facebook posts..

December 28, 2016

I had no idea how incredibly hard it would be to return Logan’s crib. I took it apart with no problems, loaded the car up with all his stuff to be returned. My first stop was the crib, she asked me what was wrong with it. After responding with “I no longer need it” I broke down crying. And of course no returns ever go quickly. By the time I left there was a crowd of people behind me staring at my meltdown. I feel like everyone looks at me and they automatically know. I’m not sure I will make it to the other two places I needed to go to return his things.

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