We said goodbye to our sweet boy today. A moment in time I’ll likely never forget. The time Logan spent here with us, I just don’t have words for at this moment.

His funeral was beautiful. As it should be, for such a beautiful boy.

Wyatt was very adamant about writing a letter for his little brother. And boy did he do his baby brother proud! And his momma! I had expected a short “I love and miss you”. But Wyatt went all out. Exposing his big sweet heart. I’m so proud of his fierce love for his brother. Watching him weep the last few days over his brother has been tough. But I take comfort in the immense love Wyatt contains for Logan. How pure and beautiful it is.

For those who didn’t get to attend the funeral. There is a video on Logan’s Obituary page, you can watch the funeral, it was recorded.

Josh and I are “running away” for a few days to grieve as a couple and just love on each other through this difficult time. Please pray for us to lean on each other and God. Both of us have become indifferent with God and I’m confident with time, we will rebuild that relationship.

I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough who showed up for Logan. To be there, meant you acknowledged how important his life was. How important Logan was. Thank you for celebrating my beautiful boy and supporting my family.

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