the beginning

The first few posts I’m going to transfer over from our GoFundMe account. So disregard the references to the GoFundMe and raising money as they are no longer relevant. As well as updates that were posted on Facebook but not synced with the GoFundMe.

Facebook posts..

November 8, 2016

Spoke with my OB this morning. Baby has a defect on his skull where part of his brain is protruding out of the base of his skull. We weren’t given a whole lot of information today. We go into see the Specialist tomorrow for another sonogram and an amniocentesis. We were told to plan for a C-Section and to plan for baby to have surgery after he’s born. Researching the disorder was probably the last thing we should’ve done, but we did it anyway and the prognosis doesn’t look good. Continued prayers for baby, for us and guidance and patience to hear from the specialist tomorrow.

November 9, 2016

The specialist did several sonograms today as well as a blood draw and the amnio. We won’t have the results back until next week. We are waiting for a call from Children’s Mercy as the specialist referred us for an MRI. The baby has what’s called an encephalocele. It doesn’t appear to have brain tissue in the back of his head, he believes that’s what is in the sac on the outside of the skull. He wants Children’s Mercy to confirm this with an MRI. If this is the case, the baby won’t survive. The specialist does not recommend going through a C-Section. So the baby would be delivered early so he could make it through the birth canal. And the prognosis after that is not. Thank you for all your support thus far. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

November 11, 2016

We met with my OB again today. He spoke with MFM Specialist and the prognosis hasn’t changed. We got several questions answered. I think there’s just one question that remains. We will hopefully get the answer to that when we go to Children’s Mercy on Wednesday. Unless the MRI tells a different story, my options are to terminate the pregnancy (Which has never been a choice for us) or to carry him until 37 weeks. Legally they cannot deliver the baby before 37 weeks unless he passes away before 37 weeks or it becomes medically necessary to deliver him early. We’re still hoping and praying for the MRI to show different. But we’re also praying for support, guidance and understanding as we prepare for this road we’re about to travel. We have chosen not to tell Wyatt anything until after the MRI.  But I would ask you to pray from him for when we do have to tell him. Tentatively, until the amnio results come back, if this isn’t a genetic anomaly, there is a good prognosis for a successful pregnancy should we choose to journey that path later. In the meantime, hug your babies and be thankful God let you take them home. This is a burden no one should bear.

November 16, 2016

8 hours later, we really don’t know anything we didn’t already know. They did a 3 hour detailed ultrasound with hundreds of pictures. They did a 1.5 hour echocardiogram with just as many pictures. His heart is normal and essentially he’s perfect aside from his head. There IS brain tissue inside the sac which extremely decreases his chances of survival. We were also told his cerebellum doesn’t appear to be within his skull. The Dr believes it’s in the sac at the base of his skull. We got back in 4 weeks to have an MRI done and meet with the euro team to discuss babies prognosis after delivery. As well as another ultrasound and revise with the Dr we saw today. It is still unclear whether I have to deliver at Children’s Mercy or will be allowed to deliver at home. We meet with my regular OB and MFM in a couple weeks to go over the amnio results. And then are supposed to be with the genetics Dr in December. Of all things today, I take away the face he’s perfectly healthy in every other way. I will take the positives that I can. And to top it off, little mister has quite the personality, he gave the ultrasound techs a run for their money, he was all over the place. Thank you for continued prayers.

This was written November 23, 2016 a few days after we found out Logan’s condition. It is the starting post from our GoFundMe

As many of you know, our unborn baby Logan has a medical condition called an encephalocele. Dr’s haven’t given us much hope with his prognosis, either making it to term or after birth. We have continued hope and prayers that God will change the outcome. We have set up this GoFundMe account to help us cover the costs of medical bills that have already begun to trickle in. As well as to help cover the costs of the trips we have already taken and the many will need to take over the next several months to see the Maternal-Fetal Specialist and the Neurology team in Kansas City.
Many of our friends and family have asked us how/what they can do to help. Here is our answer, we love and appreciate your prayers and support more than words can ever express. Your outpouring of faith and support has been so beyond incredible. What we really need in the next few months on this journey is any financial support to help us stay on our feet. As we all know, medical bills can add up quickly for the smallest of things. We have already had several speciality sonograms, an amniocentesis, and an echocardiogram. Our future still holds an MRI, meetings with the Neurology Team. Several sonograms throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. Delivery at Children’s Mercy hospital in Kansas City as well as whatever surgeries Logan will need to simply survive in this world.

We are eternally greatful for whatever support you show us. We understand if donating isn’t within your grasp, we are completely happy with your continued prayers and words of encouragement. But if you are able to donate, please know there will never be anything we could do to repay the amazing sacrifice you’ve given for our son. You will forever be apart of his story.

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