december 12

We’ve got one week until our MRI. Josh won’t be able to go with me. So my mom is stepping in for him and I plan to FaceTime him once I meet with the Dr’s. It seems the closer we get to this appointment, I find ourselves discussing this more and more. It’s unfortunate that whatever news we get will be a couple of days before Christmas. But we’ve both agreed to put those issues on hold so that we can make Christmas great for Wyatt. This appointment carries so much weight and anticipation.

I apologize if we’ve made you feel bombarded by what’s going on in our lives. We love your support.

Facebook post…

December 8th, 2016

Here lately I wake up in the morning and have an overwhelming sense to cry. It’s been happening throughout the day as well. Just random moments pop up that I find myself thinking about Logan and I want to cry. This gut-wrenching ugly face breakdown cry. I’ve been holding all emotion regarding Logan’s situation in for so long now. And the closer we get to the MRI appointment, I notice the harder it is to keep this “I’m okay” face going. I keep telling myself and everyone I’m not ready to break. I’m afraid once I do, I won’t come back. Seeing pictures of newborns and people enjoying their pregnancies and finishing their nurseries are really starting to rip on my heart, when they didn’t before. I don’t want to be bitter. I want to be able to enjoy my friend’s children as much as they do and as much as I know they would enjoy Logan.

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