amazing people

Not much has changed in our household in the past couple weeks since our last update. We meet with a dear lady from AgapeCare Cradle, an amazing organization. If you’ve never head of them, I encourage you to do some research on them. They used to be a full fledge funeral home, but have now condensed down to basically a consultant organization, providing their services for free. We discussed our wants for Logan’s departure. Found out that having a funeral is actually WAY less of a cost than we originally thought. This wonderful woman is doing all the leg work for us. Calling the funeral homes and our church and setting things up and getting us information. Their organization will provide us with a coffin to borrow, so that we don’t have to rent or buy one ourselves. So for everyone involved, we will have a funeral for Logan. You will be able to meet him, or say your final goodbyes. We will of course have more information as time unfolds after delivery. We have decided as a family to ultimately have him cremated so that he can remain at home with us.

We met with the Palliative Team at Choices Medical Clinic today. They gave us a lot to think about in terms of giving Palliative Care, things we had not initially thought of. And we had a 4D sonogram done to just watch the beauty of my child being himself. He literally has himself wedged in between my hip bones. Sneaky little fella always has his hands in front of his face, but he slipped today and moved around while we had the 4D on and got several photos of his face. And call be biased, but he’s a handsome fella just like his pops and big brother. In all this journey I’m constantly reminded how blessed in life we are. It just amazes me the different degrees and places these blessings show themselves.

We love all of you, for supporting us. For loving us. For joining us on this journey.

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