aunt jefri

Now the following post was not written by me. However, it was written by someone very special to me and my family. She’s not family by blood or marriage, but by choice. We had a rocky beginning, and now I can’t imagine life without her. She is an amazing person and has been there for me and my family through every step of this pregnancy. What she had to write, was not only beautiful but loving as well. It goes as follows:

I would like to share a photo now that may make some of you uncomfortable, but this is a life. An important life. A cherished life. This is baby Logan and his encephalocele. This is his life.

I believe that God’s plan for him is for something far greater than this world has to offer him at this moment. While it is hard to watch him come and go, we have been blessed with the time that we have been given. He does not suffer. He is not in pain. He has known love. Unconditional love. He has known a home. He has known a family. A beautiful family. And when he gets where he is going he will have so much to tell of his time here on earth.

And while we don’t understand why this is happening we have to be thankful for what he has given us, and not angry that he will be taken away from us. He has known tears and he has known laughter as he has had a whirlwind of emotion surround him these past couple of days.

He came to us with trouble breathing and we id not expect there to be a “tomorrow”, but there was a tomorrow. Four of them now to be exact. And he was breathing “normal.” Believe it or not he had “treated himself” as the doctors described his breathing. And that was a beautiful day. He continues to keep us in awe of his strength. Of the fight he has in him. He isn’t leaving us on anyone’s terms but his own. He is beautiful. He is amazing. He is a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew… he is my nephew. He is our Logan. 💙

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