big brother love

My son Wyatt wrote a letter for his little brother to be read at this funeral. It shows the pure love he has for his little brother, and he expresses it the best way his little mind could. As his mom, I was extremely impressed with his letter. I throughly expected a simply “I love you and miss you.” That was not the case!

wyatt and logan-

hey logan i’m sorry that you’re gone and i had a breakdown and cried because you were gone 😦 i love you and i enjoyed having you until you were gone. and i was hoping that you could stay forever but the doctors said that you won’t come home. and after you came out of mom’s belly you looked so cute and i couldn’t touch the back of your head because you might have seizures. i did likeness to nose that was the awesomest picture ever.


hint ** nose to nose is what he calls the featured photo on this blog **

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